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Our at-home test kit provides accurate results in as little as 24-48 hours without leaving the comfort of your home. Using the “gold-standard” RT-PCR testing authorized for home collection by the FDA, RapidRona can provide safety for conducting business and eligibility for restricted travel or events. Get your test results faster and take control of your health today with RapidRona! Made in the USA.
How It Works
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Create Your Account / Log In
Set up your account or log in. This will give you access to ordering your at-home test kit, taking your sample, requesting your courier pickup and viewing your results.
Order Your Test Kit
Take an eligibility questionnaire, enter your information, and order your at-home test kit.
Collect Your Sample
Log back in once you receive your at-home test kit, follow the instructions for use, and package up your sample.
Schedule a Pick-Up
Once you have collected your sample, request a courier to make a contactless pickup at your front door.
See Your Results
Log in once you receive an email notification your results are ready to view. We give you a 48-hour guaranteed turnaround time from the moment the courier picks up your sample.
A self-collection kit is delivered to your door. You sample at home. The sample is picked up on demand. Your results are reported online. Never leave your house!
Choose a shipping option that fits your needs. Get your results online as soon as the lab knows them. Enjoy our 48-hour guarantee!
Collect your sample by following RapidRona's easy-to-use Instructions for Use. A ‘Q-tip’-like swab is all it takes. No need to tickle your brain!
Why RapidRona?
Most at-home tests for COVID-19 deliver antigen test results – a less accurate testing method than RT-PCR tests. All RapidRona kits provide RT-PCR test results, the gold standard of COVID-19 diagnostics, so you can be sure your result is the right result. RapidRona Powered by MyHealthPro, is here for you. We want to give you the easiest, most transparent and knowledgeable path to help you stay healthy. Let's partner together for a new healthier future.